Wednesday, 3 December 2014



For many weeks now , I have been engrossed into many a turbulent thoughts ......thoughts emerged out of my voracious reading of my land's ( the one that I am serendipitously born into) past & as well as many a disturbing events of present. After exploding with many a feelings .....blend of poignancy & nostalgia , I have finally got hold of the "keys & the screen" to relieve myself of the urge .

The pseudonym " The Eddy " in the "Ocean of Ideas" alias poignant disturbances in the sea of social dogmas , political jargon, travesty of  "Itihaas"  , the blithe ignorance of  Bharat Mata towards her own ailments etc etc remains a sufficient allusion to the nature of discourse here esp. for those who call themselves Bharatvasi . So I hope your power to comprehend might be strong enough to realize the kind of things blogged here & even if you do not , let me then take the trouble to , before I write any further briefly , elucidate the nature of work presented here :
1) It is History & Sociology of Indian people ,particularly Northern & Western India  with the aim to counter certain pugnacious ideas & prejudices that have found acceptability into the Indian society  & the understanding of the above two discipline from non-Rightist & non-Leftist perspectives .

2)To stir at least some from the complacent obliviousness towards those myriad problems as well as highlighting the imperativeness of reasoning in  achieving the above aim.
3)To ,if not shatter the cobwebs ,(I certainly am no politician nor social activist ) but at least to feel them .The work is bound to be seen  as controversial by all " ists" whether Rightists, Leftists or even Centrists , nevertheless it is still pertinent to share knowledge , debate perceptions & to have meaningful discussions.

Disclaimer : So now , only if you can tolerate the heavy booze of writings that are  bound to follow ,  do continue , but if you find it worthless words of boredom far from the thrilling , intriguing articles that romanticize life , please click the little "x" on the right-hand side as it is nothing better than a "History" or " Sociology" lecture , may be far worse. 


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